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WP Rocket Nulled

Free WP Rocket Nulled Plugin Download 3.8.5 – Caching Plugin for WordPress



3.8.5 February 15, 2021

  • Regression fix: Prevent an issue with NextGen Gallery created by a change in version 3.8.4 of WP Rocket (#3568)
  • Enhancement: Exclude image element inside a picture element when the picture element is excluded from lazyload (#3437)
  • Enhancement: Exclude the AMP mobile redirection script from combine JS (#3540)
  • Enhancement: Add additional values to our list of query strings to ignore when serving the cache (#3503)
  • Enhancement: Prevent trying to generate CPCSS for the web-story custom post type (#3513)
  • Enhancement: Add new GTMetrix IPs to our list of IPs to check when serving the cache (#3126)
  • Bugfix: Prevent defining WP_CACHE multiple times in wp-config.php in some cases (#3035)
  • Bugfix: Prevent possible error caused by a missing parameter on a filter in get_rocket_cdn_cnames() (#3332)
  • Bugfix: Correctly adapt the position of the Beacon to the current language when displaying it on the settings page (#3521)
  • Bugfix: Exclude application/ld+json scripts from defer JS (#3470)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Correctly exclude some Uncode JS files from deferring JS on the most recent versions (#3036)

3.8.4 February 4, 2021

  • Enhancement: Apply missing image dimensions for images with a relative path (#3438)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions for combine & defer JS (#3519#3524#3525)
  • Bugfix: Prevent NextGEN Gallery admin UI breaking when WP Rocket is enabled (#3456)
  • Bugfix: Fix a bug in the htaccess rewrite rules in certain cases (#1495)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve compatibility with official AMP plugin (#3450)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Correctly ignore the staging sites for license validation & RocketCDN (#3465)

3.8.3 January 21, 2021

  • Enhancement: Exclude additional scripts from minification (#3139#3495)
  • Enhancement: Add additional inline JavaScript exclusions from combine JS (#3473#3488)
  • Enhancement: Add additional attributes to use when doing the WebP images conversion (#3469)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Improve sitemap detection of All-in-One SEO plugin v4 (#3393)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Exclude images used by JetPack compare images block from lazyload (#3383)

3.8.2 January 7, 2021

  • Enhancement: Force all processed CSS and Google Fonts to use font-display: swap (#3375)
  • Enhancement: Update Never Cache Cookies Textarea description to explain partial matches are allowed (#3334)
  • Enhancement: Added a notification when Mod Pagespeed is enabled and tell customers that it is likely to conflict with WP Rocket (#3369)
  • Enhancement: Improved integration with WP Rocket CLI (#3377)
  • Enhancement: Exclude 3D FlipBook JS from the combination and from inline deferring (#3452)
  • Enhancement: Add additional inline JS exclusions from combine JS (#3460)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from deferring JS (#3442)
  • Bugfix: Fix Divi logo image distortion when adding image dimensions (#3429)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP notice when the picture element doesn’t contain any source element (#3056)
  • Bugfix: Fix Fatal error “Path cannot be empty” when combining not readable or not found file (#3422)

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